HelloPool of MDUKEY node — — The world’s leading professional mining pool node operator

3 min readJul 10, 2020

HelloPool officially joined the MDUKEY ecosystem, was elected as a verification node, and has been commissioned for more than 4 months. As the world’s leading professional mining pool node operator, HelloPool has been focusing on node operations since the birth of DPoS in 2014. Up to now, it has more than 6 years of experience in security operation and maintenance and extensive community influence.

HelloPool has contributed its professional operational capabilities and computing power resources to the MDUKEY main network. It will also use the rich node operation and maintenance experience accumulated before and the huge community influence to work together with each node connected to the MDUKEY ecosystem to fully maintain the main network The efficient operation of the system plays an important role in MDUKEY’s Staking service, empowers the MDU ecosystem, and helps the MDU ecosystem to prosper further.

About HelloPool

HelloPool is the earliest batch of professional DPOS&POS mining pool platforms in China. HelloBTS and HelloEOS are the earliest batch of DPOS&POS node teams based on the graphene underlying public chain in China, which have accumulated rich operation and maintenance experience and extensive community influence. Based on this, the new HelloPool mining pool brand was established, specializing in providing node services for DPOS & POS public chain projects.

At present, HelloPool has become the node of dozens of mainstream public chain projects such as EOS, VSYS, FIBOS, IOST, BTM, MDU, YOYOW, BOS, etc., and has established a media matrix covering domestic and overseas. The community users exceed 20W, and is committed to DPoS&PoS public chain. Projects and users provide professional node services.

HelloPool has a media matrix covering the entire network, the most extensive community community, professional and efficient offline community organization capabilities, and the most senior DPOS&POS node operation and maintenance service support.


MDUKEY’s vision is committed to creating a “Traffic 2.0” platform, a highly centralized model in which all rights and interests of previous traffic are changed by the platform through blockchain technology, and the transaction rights, pricing rights and transactions of data are selected. The proceeds are all returned to the individual. At the same time, there is a “point-to-point transaction” relationship between the enterprise that buys the data and the user who sells the data, and the enterprise will no longer have doubts about the authenticity of the data.

MDUKEY can effectively solve several problems facing the current data traffic market: 1. Expensive traffic and difficulty in diversion; 2. Data pricing is opaque; 3. Personal privacy data is easy to be leaked; 4. Users lose the right to data revenue; 5. Data transactions Trust issues; 6. KYC costs are high.

Most of the members of the MDUKEY team come from companies such as Alibaba, Citibank, Wanxiang Blockchain, etc. Members have repeatedly contributed code to the top international open source community (Cosmos/Tendermint). The founder Han Yuanzhen said that in the future, data will go from a centralized mode to a mode that allows users to truly control their own data. This is what MDUKEY has to do.

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