MDU Monthly Report(May)

3 min readJun 5, 2020


Technical Progress:Technical updates on MainNet, SDK, MOBOX and other aspects

MDUKEY Ecosystem:“Price Guarantee Mechanic”was launched. Validator introduction (CertiK Nodeasy)

Traffic 2.0 Marketing: Bolian AMA,MDUKEY × HelloPool AMA,MDUKEY 399 KOL Recruitment

Crucial Release: MDUKEY Wallet was renamed as MDUPAY. “Price Guarantee Mechanic”went online.

In May, the core developers of MDUKEY continued to focus on maintaining and improving the performance of the MainNet, and had in-depth interactions with several MainNet Validators. In the secondary market, the “Price Guarantee Mchanic” is so hot that the community has also started the creation of the first consensus community in China,for the ecosystem development of MDUKEY-399 KOL Community Recruitment.

MDUKEY preheated MOBOX,the first application of MDUKEY MainNet, in a media interview in May. At the same time we have renamed MDUKEY Wallet as MDUPAY.

In the past month, MDUKEY Founder & CEO Ryan Han was invited to participate in the AMA sharing by Bolian and the like. Important topics such as the status of operations were shared.

While good news were kept released by accepting media interviews, the MainNet ecosystem also kept conveying good news. What’s more,the total volume of MainNet transaction increased steadily, and the total amount of Staking was also very impressive.

1.0 Techncal Progres

1.1 Chain

1.1.1 Open Transaction Protocol

  • completed the design of the open source transaction agreement
  • completed POC test in MUDKEY sandbox

1.2 SDK

  • mdukey-java-sdk 1.0 is under development and 80% of the progress has been completed
  • mdukey-js-sdk 1.0 has been prepared


  • MOBOX was launched on the official website
  • MOBOX product design was completed

1.4 Other Systems

1.4.1 MDUPAY

MDUPAY was updated to v1.0.7.

  • fixed the problem of invalid memo
  • increased asset valuation
  • fixed some quiting problem in Android system
  • fixed transaction paging

1.4.2 MDUKEY Browser

  • optimized the browser background service, which greatly improves the query speed
  • added address related transaction query to query any transaction related to specific address

2.0 MDUKEY Ecosystem

The Price Guarantee Mechanic has entered into the14th period since launched. The foundation has destroyed more than 1.5 million MDU. Read more.

3.0 Traffic 2.0 Marketing

3.1 Community Activity

The MDUKEY community officially launched the 399 KOL Community Recruitment in May. The initial scale has already appeared.

3.2 Media Activity

3.2.1)At 19:00 on the evening of May 14th, [Bolian AMA] invited MDUKEY Founder & CEO Ryan Han for a talk. Read more.

3.2.2)At 16:00 Beijing time on May 21st,Ryan Han, MDUKEY Founder & CEO was invited to a famous AMA with Zicen ,Hello Pool Founder & RenrenBit CMO. Read more.

4.0 Crucial Release

4.1 The official wallet was renamed.

The official and self-developed secure storage wallet MDUKEY wallet was officially renamed as MDUPAY in May. The download link and various functions remain unchanged.

4.2 The official website continually updated the Price Guarantee Mechanic.

MDU “Price Guarantee Mechanic” was launched at the end of April and started in early May. It is currently continuously updated. MDUKEY officially released the burning data for the first time in mid May.

The above is the entire content of the MDUKEY Monthly Report in May 2020. In June, we will discuss with several well-known traditional enterprises (not to be announced for the time being). Furthermore,we are going to enhance the data mobility of the MDUKEY platform, and increase the ecosystem value.




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