MDUKEY Roadmap for 2020

MDUKEY is a data privacy system based on the self-sovereignty of the blockchain. It is committed to guiding Internet users’ awareness of self-sovereignty on data. Under the prerequisite of user-oriented, build a reliable data platform to provide servicesflow-introducing for small and medium enterprises, break the predicament of online traffic being monopolized by giants, and remove barriers to data acquisition. In addition, the previous data transactions can only be carried out with the user’s permission, and 80% of the transaction revenue will also be attributed to the user.

In this article, we will introduce the latest progress from TestNet to MainNet, and the technical roadmap for 2020.

MDUKEY Technical Goals

Use multiple encryption technologies to protect user privacy

Solve the trust problem with an open source transaction protocol based on the MDUKEY blockchain

Build a data trading platform to return the benefits of data to users

Chronicles of MDUKEY in 2019

MDUKEY Validator Ecosystem

At present, top 20 institutions in Asia have joined the MDUKEY validator ecosystem to jointly maintain the stable operation of the MainNet.

The validator Voting Power changes dynamically according to the user’s commission. You can view the latest list of validators at

Technical Goals

Upgrade MDUKEY2.0 MainNet

Launch MDUKEY Data Market

Release MDUKEY Data Market SDK

Release MDUKEY wallet 2.0

Optimize MDUKEY blockchain browser

Development Plan

1. Upgrade MDUKEY2.0 MainNet

MDUKEY2.0 will add an open source transaction protocol module, which initially accesses data transaction functions. The MainNet upgrade will mainly include open source trading protocols and extensible plug-in interfaces; open source trading protocols belong to the Application Layer protocol and are the core components of MDUKEY 2.0, providing core asset collateral, regular delivery, error rollback, etc. We will consider separating the data storage of the open source transaction protocol so that it can take independent snapshots to cope with the future increase in data volume.

The development task will be completed in the second quarter. The TestNet will be launched in the early part of the third quarter, and the MDUKEY2.0 MainNet upgrade will be performed in the third quarter.

2. Launch MDUKEY Data Market

MDUKEY Data Market consists of a decision engine, matching engine, privacy storage engine, and application development platform. MDUKEY Data Market is a value bridge that connects users and enterprises. The privacy storage engine guarantees user privacy. The decision engine and matching engine will accurately locate users and enterprises. Both parties should provide transparent market quotations to empower the data market. The “point-to-point transaction” relationship between enterprises and users maximizes the interests of users and enterprises, which will truly “allow users to master data and channel traffic to small-sized & medium-sized enterprises .”

Data Market will go online within two weeks of the MDUKEY2.0 MainNet upgrade in the third quarter to build a complete data trading ecosystem.

3. Release MDUKEY Data Market SDK

The SDK encapsulates functions such as data trading, proxy re-encryption, and MDUKEY Data Market Open API, which will greatly reduce the development cost of enterprises, and will be able to quickly access MDUKEY Data Market, which is an important part of accelerating market advancement.

The SDK will be released simultaneously when the MDUKEY Data Market goes online in the third quarter. We will provide a series of demos for enterprises to use the SDK to quickly access the MDUKEY Data Market.

4. Release MDUKEY Wallet 2.0

The MDUKEY wallet will access the client functions of the MDUKEY Data Market. The main functions are as follows:

a. KYC certification, privacy data encryption

b. Access to enterprise application market

c. One-click data authorization, get authorization rewards synchronously

The MDUKEY wallet will be upgraded synchronously when the MDUKEY Data Market is launched in the third quarter, as an important entrance to the MDUKEY network usage scenario. It can be said that whether the network equity represents the MDU, or the MDUKEY wallet application as a payment, query, and storage tool, will be an important delivery medium for MDUKEY and even the digital assets in the next round of digital economy.

5. Optimize MDUKEY Bockchain Browser

To improve the user experience of the MDUKEY browser, the main optimizations are as follows:

a. Optimize the interface layout and flatten the UI of the blockchain browser.

b. Add browser functions, such as address entrustment record details, validator profit rate display, validator principal list display, fine-grained address transaction type query and other functions.

c. Optimize browser background services, add incident response strategies, be able to synchronize with the MainNet in real time, increase multi-level cache to improve response speed, and ensure service A & V (effectiveness and availability).

With the development of technology, the commercial application and ecosystem construction of MDUKEY are also constantly changing. Resources, institutions, and businesses in the existing market will gradually pour into our ecosystem and form a closed loop. The following is a list of changes related to important factors in the MDUKEY data privacy system planned for 2020.

Users: After the launch of MDUKEY2.0, there will be 1 million + Internet individual users transmitting personal data on the MDUKEY2.0 MainNet and attempting to start transactions on personal data. As stated in the whitepaper, after the buyer determines that the seller has the required data, the token used to purchase the data will be locked into the network, and the data will be automatically transferred to the seller’s account after the data transmission is completed, ensuring that the transaction will not be transferred when the transaction is not completed. The fee is paid to the seller.

Enterprises: We expect to access thousands of enterprise users in 2020, and use the digital platform that has already begun to scale to divert businesses. It is certain that each enterprise can avoid the experience of trading data in a bad way while buying useful data. Vicious circle.

Region: As an application chain with a clear landing goal, MDUKEY currently mainly opens the Chinese market. Later, the focus will be extended to Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, and European and American markets to solve the problem of data protection around the world.

The smooth development of MDUKEY is inseparable from the promotion of community friends and the full maintenance of each validator. Later MDUKEY will implement the technical plan step by step to build the infrastructure for the scenarios we conceived, bringing everyone a secure, autonomous, and maximum data ecosystem for all parties, a self-sovereign data privacy system!

A self-sovereign data privacy system based on Blockchain.