Tutorial of MDUKEY Wallet

4 min readFeb 17, 2020

MDUKEY is a blockchain-based self-sovereign data privacy system, and MDU is its system token. The MDUKEY mainnet was launched and open sourced on January 3, 20, and the mainnet code is “Kunlun”. At present, the MDUKEY mainnet is online and supports delegation. The MDUKEY wallet is the most secure tool for storing MDU. It has basic functions such as collection, transfer, and entrusted staking. The current entrusted annualized return is about 78%.

Here is a detailed tutorial of MDUKEY Wallets.

1. Download Wallet

Currently, wallets that support MDU storage are only available on mobile IOS and android versions.

Download link: https://wallet.mdukey.org/

1)IOS Version:

First enter the official website from wallet.mdukey.org, click TestFlight to download, select step 1 to start the installation, then return to the URL, select step 2 to start the test, start the installation-next step-start testing-create a wallet.

2)Android Version:

First enter the website wallet.mdukey.org, enter the official website, select [APP download-download now-install-create a wallet]

2.Import and Create MDUKEY Addresses

1) Create A Wallet

Enter the password backup mnemonic in turn and fill in the mnemonic.

Note: It is recommended to keep the password in mind, manually copy the backup mnemonic, and save it offline. It is not recommended to save screenshots on networked devices.

2) Import Wallet

If you already have an MDUKEY address, select “Import Wallet”, and then enter the password and mnemonic in order to import successfully;

Note: If the page prompts an invalid mnemonic after filling in the mnemonic, try to check if each mnemonic is correct or if there is a space after each mnemonic. The presence of spaces will also result in failure to import successfully.

After the address is imported, if the wallet page displays the balance correctly, the import is successful.

After the import or creation is successful, the asset page of the wallet is displayed, and the asset displays basic information such as wallet address and balance.

3. Delegating

The holder can entrust the held MDU to the node to earn a profit. According to the MDUScan data, the total entrusted MDU is 6,903,072, and the total entrusted number is 8,328. Currently joining the MDUKEY network verification nodes: InfStones, Wetez Wallet, Wheat Wallet, MEET.ONE, Coin Mining Pool, Cobo Wallet, Oura Group, Nodeasy, BEPAL, CertiK, Tiger Fu Technology, Huobi Mining Pool, HyperPay Consensus Lab.

1) Enter the delegation page and select the validator to bedelegated in the “Velidators”.

When selecting a validator, the validators can be sorted according to the sorting rules of “default, yield rate, total, validators” given in the wallet, and they can also be selected from the search bar or search nodes directly.

2) Enter the “Validators Detail” page, confirm the selected node, and enter the number of commissions. The fee is 0.0005MDU.

After confirming that it is correct, click “Confirm” and enter the password, you can successfully delegate to Mars.

3) View Delegation Information

On the “Delegating” page, the number of MDU that have been commissioned, the amount of proceeds, the amount available, and the redemption are displayed.

Show the information of the validator that has been delegated in “My Delegations”.

4. Change the Validator

1) Select “Change” in the “Delegating” page;

2) On the “Change” page, fill in the number of MDU transferred to the new node, select the node to be transferred, and click “Confirm”, and enter the password.

5. Undelegate Delegated MDU

Select “Undelegating” on the “Validators Detail” page, select “Delegrated” in “Undelegating” and enter the redemption amount, and click “Confirm” to enter the password.

Note: After the redemption operation, the redeemed MDU needs to be locked for 21 days, and no income will be generated during this period.

This step is done with caution.

6. Redempt Income

Select “Undelegating” on the “Validators Detail” page, select “Rewards” in “Type” and confirm the amount of income received, and click “Confirm” to enter the password.

Note: You do not need to lock the time to receive the income, you can reinvest the received income.

The above is the official tutorial, please contact MDUKEY’s customer service if you have any questions about using it.

Contact Us

Official Website: https://mdukey.org/

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Explorer: https://scan.mdukey.org/

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